Permanent residence license in Ukraine by wedding

Permanent residence license in Ukraine by wedding

Another frequently employed effective supply of a residence that is permanent in Ukraine is through marriage. Our research shows that significantly more than 90% of most residence that is permanent granted in Ukraine are marriage-related. Besides, our training showed that very often wedding can be used just as being a technical tool so you can get legalized in Ukraine, although not being an ultimate goal. Unfortunately, but worldwide love is changing into a powerful market right right here, and, finding an acceptable bride or bridegroom in Ukraine is not any longer a challenge.

Regulations acknowledges 2 kinds of marriages, that might be used as a ground to get a permanent residence license in Ukraine.


In the event your beloved one is a resident of Ukraine, you might be completely eligible to make an application for the permanent residence license in Ukraine on condition which you have legitimately resided in Ukraine for over couple of years.

Nevertheless, you ought to take into account the next issues that are important

  • Place of wedding enrollment. There’s no difference that is critical the wedding is determined. Ukrainian legislation recognizes both marriages, which were determined in Ukraine, in addition to those, that have been registered abroad. But, factors to consider that your particular marriage that is foreign certificate confirming your marital status with all the resident of Ukraine, was either duly translated for usage in Ukraine or it has apostil;
  • Sharing abode along with your partner. Even though it is obviously anticipated from a spouse and a spouse, neither the immigration legislation of Ukraine calls for residing girls for marriage together, nor sets forth that partners needs to have the place that is same of. Nevertheless, residing or obtaining the exact exact same authorized place of residence might be of good use, since the State migration service of Ukraine may hamper the method if you will find suspicions that your particular wedding just isn’t a genuine one. We have been especially skilled in persuading Ukrainian immigration authorities that marriages of our consumers would be the genuine people, regardless of if they reside individually from their partners (even when they reside in different counties);
  • Legality for the wedding. It’s also crucial that wedding is completely appropriate beneath the statutory rules of Ukraine. Among other aspects, Ukrainian immigration law says that polygamy, marriages with minors, marriages, concluded under duress, and same-sex matrimonies are perhaps maybe not recognized right right here. If a citizen to your marriage of Ukraine is for a few explanation announced void, your straight to the permanent residence license in Ukraine becomes immediately annulled;
  • Continuity for the marriage. To be able to be eligible for a permanent residence license in Ukraine, your wedding really should not be interrupted throughout the couple of years. In case, your wedding is for a few reason dissolved, and you marriage another citizen that is ukrainianor re-marry your ‘original’ Ukrainian spouse), the calculation of this two-year duration restarts. This means, if perhaps you were married up to a Ukrainian resident for example 12 months and eleven months, then divorces, and marries another Ukrainian, you’ll have to wait another couple of years so you can get your permanent residence permit. But, if you opt to divorce after your residence that is permanent permit been released, the credibility of one’s residence in Ukraine is nonetheless preserved. This is the reason foreigners that are many make use of this technique for legalizing their stay static in Ukraine;
  • Medical certificate and examination of great conduct. Those, who apply for the Ukrainian citizenship by marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, are exempted from undergoing a medical examination and producing a certificate of good conduct from the police authorities of the original country in contrast to other situations. Nevertheless, certification of great conduct through the police that is ukrainian be supplied. You violated Ukrainian immigration law in any form, serious complications may occur if you have a criminal record in Ukraine, unpaid administrative fines or. Though it really is extremely recommended avoiding them, our attorneys are specially skilled in handling the issues such as these;
  • Submission regarding the papers towards the State migration service of Ukraine. It’s also vital recalling that after your lover should come with you throughout the trip to the Immigration workplace. He should also signal a petition there. Virtually, it indicates that your particular Ukrainian partner ought to be actually in Ukraine if the application is launched;
  • The amount of permanent residence permits problems in Ukraine yearly is strictly afflicted by the quota system. Virtually, this means that the Immigration workplace of Ukraine might not issue more permits than decided because of the federal government. The quotas are posted yearly. You will find around 2,000 quotas launched each year (usually the quotas are established on March-April). The quota system is not applied to your case in contrast to getting a permanent residence permit in Ukraine under other grounds, when you are married to a Ukrainian citizen. Quite simply, even in the event the other applicants have used all quotas, the job will nonetheless be awarded;
  • Permanent residence permit may be the very very first (and also the most critical) action to citizenship. Permanent residence license is a precondition so you can get Ukrainian citizenship through marriage having A ukrainian resident. Therefore, one of many papers required because of the Ukrainian Immigration in the act to getting Ukrainian citizenship could be the permanent residence license. Consequently, if you opt to submit an application for Ukrainian citizenship by wedding by having A ukrainian resident, obtaining a permanent residence license first is important.

Essential conclusions.

Because it happens to be illustrated above, a Ukrainian citizen to your marriage is a crucial element so you can get a permanent residence license in Ukraine under this ground. The wedding should really be totally appropriate, as well as your spouse should formally help your choice to try to get a permanent residence license in Ukraine.

As well as that, you should determine, which option that is legal be employed to legalize your stay static in the united states while you’re awaiting your permanent residence permit to be given by Ukrainian immigration authorities. Even as we described before, Ukrainian State migration service has one year for assessing the application, that will be beyond the timeframe of every visa that can be possibly released. The very first selection for re solving this issue is getting a short-term residence license, that may permit you to stay static in Ukraine for year aided by the potential for prolongation when it comes to period that is same. The 2nd solution, which might be perhaps used in this context, is always to call us for assistance. We are going to register an unique movement to speed the process up. It takes 6-8 months to obtain a permanent residence license by wedding with this help in this situation.